maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2009


The lovely Nihrida tagged me for this: "some kind of a blog game that apparently gets passed around like an STD on summer break. All I had to do was copy the questions and provide my own one-word answers (oh, and select ten poor suckers to continue the chain)''

I don't really get how you could answer these questions with only one word??

1. Where is your phone? Right in front of me

2. Your hair? Freshly dyed last night

3. Your Mom? At work

4. Your Dad? At our cottage I suppose, building or fixing something

5. Your favorite meal? Home-made pizza

6. Your last dream? It was something really complicated, but I remember I wanted to finish it before waking up...

7. What do you like to drink? Water, coffee, tea, milk, beer...

8. Your dream? To get a job!!!!

9. In what room are you? The "office/quest room"

10. Your hobby? Blogging, sleeping, gaming of all kind

11. What are you afraid of? Flying and spiders

12. Last travel? The Alsatian countryside

13. Where were you last night? At home watching the president's independence day reception

14. Something you are not? Stupid nor mean

15. Muffins? No, thanks!

16. Wishlist? For Christmas? Yeah always!

17. Where did you grow up? In Finland

18. Last thing you did? Played the Party Planner game

19. What are you wearing? A big warm sweater and black trousers

20. Your television? An acer, my bf won it from a raffle :)

21. Your pet(s)? Only one mouse at the moment, the other died last month

22. Your friends? Always missing them

23. Your life? Running it's course

24. Your temper? Depends on the situation

25. Do you miss someone? My family

26. Your car? Opel Corsa

27. Something you don't bring with you? Whata? An Ipod?

28. Your favorite shop? H&M and DM

29. Your favorite color? Green

30. Last time you laughed? Last night

31. Last time you cried? A few weeks ago

32. Your best friend? My bf :D or my sister?

33. A place where you can go again and again? Kehl in Germany

34. Facebook? Yes

35. Favorite place to eat? At home in Finland, mum and dad's cooking of course...

I tag everyone on my blogroll :)

4 kommenttia:

Susu Paris Chic kirjoitti...

Aivan ihanat nuo sun itsenaisyys-kynnet!

Sanna kirjoitti...

Susu Paris Chic: Kiitos :)

nihrida kirjoitti...

WOW, that last photo looks great. I'd eat everything! =)

Sanna kirjoitti...

nihrida: The classic Finnish christmas supper :P The BEST.